The Different Types of Pedicure Chairs, Explained

The Different Types of Pedicure Chairs, Explained

When it comes to providing the best for your clients, you don’t want to cut any corners. If your salon offers pedicure treatments, they need to be up to snuff if you want clients returning for them on a regular basis. That’s where your pedicure chairs—one of the most important parts of the pedicure—comes into play.

There are actually two major kinds of pedicure stations you can choose from. We’ll explain the different types of pedicure chairs so that you know what to look for.

Piped-In Pedicure Chairs

The major difference between the two kinds of pedicure chairs is where the water comes. Piped-in pedicure chairs are connected to the plumbing system of the building and pipe in water for each client.

Older piped-in pedicure chairs could have issues with water quality. Cleaning the pipes between clients was sometimes difficult, which led to a decrease in overall sanitary conditions. Nowadays, however, the pipes are simpler to keep clean, and a piped-in chair allows you to spend less time sanitizing between each client.

Pipeless Pedicure Chairs

Because of the difficulty many salons had with early piped-in pedicure chairs, pipeless pedicure chairs were created. These kinds of chair require you to manually fill the bowl with water, but they make proper sanitation easier. The water can come from a dedicated tank of clean water every time, and cleaning the bowl between clients allows you to better control the level of sanitation. There is something to say about the extra time that this takes, though. Since modern piped-in pedicure chairs don’t necessarily share the sanitation concerns of their predecessors, the extra work involved in cleaning a pipeless chair may be unnecessary.

Which One Is Right for You?

So how do you know which of the different types of pedicure chairs is right for you? Space could be a concern, as piped-in chairs require more floor space and plumbing fixtures. The amount of time you want to spend ensuring that your chairs meet your sanitation standards will also affect which kind of chair is right for you.

Keller International offers both major varieties of pedicure chairs. If you’re still unsure which one will work best for you, get in contact with us as soon as possible so that we can assist you in making the right decision.


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