The Different Types of Styling Chairs Explained

The Different Types of Styling Chairs Explained

There are many ways to improve your salon or barber shop, including buying the right furniture. As you search for styling chairs, you may feel overwhelmed by the choices. Simplify chair shopping with this guide. It will explain the different types of styling chairs. 

Barber Chairs

If you serve a wide variety of clients, you may need barbershop chairs in addition to traditional salon chairs. Why? Because these can recline back, which makes it easier to trim facial hair. Since these chairs can recline, they also come in handy if you offer facials.

As you shop, you may notice various types of barber shop chairs, such as electric and hydraulic barber shop chairs. Pump-powered chairs are the most popular and easiest for adjusting the height to each client.  

Pro Tip

It would help if you had comfortable chairs in your salon since it keeps clients happy. Sometimes, you may need your client to lean back, and if the chair doesn’t recline, they may have to crane their neck.

Shampoo Chairs

Shampoo chairs are another type of styling chair that’s essential to your business since it makes the hair-washing process easier for you and the client. Sometimes, these chairs have footrests to keep the customer comfortable as they recline back and you wash their hair in the sink.

When shopping for a new shampoo chair, what’s most important is that you find an option that easily reclines. Many salon owners also advise shopping for waterproof chairs since they could get wet, and you don’t want to risk ruining one of your business assets.

Salon Chairs

Every salon needs a quality and stylish styling chair where clients can sit and look beautiful! When shopping for salon chairs, search out the following:

  • Weight limits: Every chair has a weight limit, and too much could break it.
  • Chair height: You’ll need to change the chair height according to your client.
  • Quality: Investigate the chair's material and how well it holds up.
  • Price: Decide whether it is on budget; also compare the cost to the quality.
  • Style: Think about how the chair style fits into the décor of your salon.

You should also note the size of the chair and compare it to how much room you have at each station in your salon. A bulky chair can make the area feel cramped, which is a turn-off for customers. Research these items by looking through the product description as well as customer reviews. You can learn a lot from the experience others have with the styling chair.

Buy Quality Chairs

Shop at Keller International as you search for top-quality hair salon chairs! We have various types of chair and style options to ensure every salon owner can find the perfect one for their beauty shop. Make your salon the top pick for beauty care in your area.


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