The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Salon Aesthetic

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Salon Aesthetic

Every component of your salon affects the success of your business. Your equipment influences your staff’s performance. Your stylists dictate your services. Your customer experiences determine your demand, attraction, and long-term sustainability. All the little details and choices matter when it comes to running a successful salon business, including your studio’s aesthetic.

Your salon space plays into your stylists’ performance and productivity, your client’s satisfaction, your business’s reputation, and the kind of experience you offer, among many other influences. It’s also a huge part of your salon’s identity. You can curate an entire customer experience with aesthetics.

You must think carefully about your interior design elements, decor choices, color schemes, use of space, and atmosphere. Pick the perfect look and essence for your business with this ultimate guide to choosing your salon aesthetic.

Explore Different Styles

Just like finding the best hairstyle for you takes time—even some trial and error—finding the perfect aesthetic for your salon requires careful consideration. There are lots of different factors to weigh. Exploring the vast selection of styles will broaden your horizons and help you find the best fit. If you limit your choices right away, you might end up holding yourself back from reaching your full potential.

There are lots of different design trends to explore. Some of the most popular choices for salon spaces include:

Earthy Boho

Boho aesthetics dominated the interior design and fashion industries in the ‘60s and ‘70s. It incorporates a lot of earthy and natural elements, vibrant warm colors, and an assortment of textures. Many people love the boho aesthetic due to its down-to-earth atmosphere, enticing people to connect to their free spirits and go-with-the-flow perspectives. Boho salon studios feature wooden details, products with natural ingredient lists, lots of natural lighting, and an eclectic mix of furniture and cushions.

Sleek and Modern

A sleek and modern style creates the perfect atmosphere for a more upscale salon space. This look is popular in cosmopolitan cities. Modern design elements incorporate a lot of metals and stones, use multifunctional tools and furniture, and feature unique and sharp shapes. It establishes a professional and serious atmosphere.

Luxurious Glamour

Salons are places for people to get pampered and indulge in the luxury of having someone else cater to their needs. A glamorous aesthetic makes the experience even more luxurious. Its color palettes include rich golds and vibrant hues. It incorporates a lot of decadent textures and materials, from fur to glitter and marble. Glamorous salons mirror the look and feel of being in a Hollywood dressing room.

Tranquil Zen

One of the most popular salon aesthetics is tranquil zen. It evokes spa vibes. Its design elements exude calm, relaxation, and comfort. Zen aesthetics use a mix of earthy design features like stones, woods, neutral colors, and greenery. Staple components of a zen salon include ambient lighting, aromatics, and a simple and spacious room layout.

Consider Your Marketing and Company Image

Your salon’s design makes an impression. People will relate certain aspects of your aesthetic to your business. It also influences how people identify your salon, influencing your marketing strategies.

Businesses with a boho design often use cursive lettering and earthy imagery—leaves, florals, stones, trees—on their social pages, posters, and logos. Minimalistic and modern styles, on the other hand, employ simpler, sharper imagery. Considering how you want to market and represent your salon affects what aesthetic best suits your business.

Determine What Kind of Clientelle You Want To Attract

A fancy modern salon invokes a very different atmosphere and customer experience than a farmhouse-chic salon. The latter offers a more relaxed environment because its design staples—pastels, wooden elements, natural lighting—exude coziness, mirroring the atmosphere of a homey barn in the countryside. It creates a space where people want to sit and chat for hours. Farmhouse aesthetics attract customers who want to build relationships with their stylists.

A modern salon produces a more professional atmosphere, prioritizing quality of service over curating a specific experience. They strive for efficiency, meeting clients’ needs, and getting clients in and out of salon chairs in a timely manner. A modern and sleek salon better suits clients with busy schedules and important jobs that make regular upkeep essential.

Match Your Aesthetic With Your Company Philosophy

Your company’s philosophy combines your goals and your promise to your customers. It determines your priorities and the essence of your salon. Your chosen aesthetic will send a message. Boho’s philosophy focuses on nature, spirituality, and down-to-earth vibes. Eclectic aesthetics promote individuality, collaboration, and overcoming differences. Minimalism strives for simplicity.

Choosing an aesthetic that matches your company’s philosophy enhances your message, creates cohesion in your marketing, and allows you to build a community with your business. Boho aesthetics are perfect for salons that like to use natural ingredients. Eclecticism suits businesses that provide a range of services and products, offering minimal limitations and giving clients the ability to personalize their experience. There is an aesthetic out there that matches your company’s ideals and philosophies—you just have to find it.

Research Your Local Competitors

Your competitors greatly affect the success of your salon. They influence your client loyalties, demand, and popularity. The aesthetic you choose plays a part in making your salon stand out against competitors. It allows you to offer a certain experience neighboring businesses might not offer, differentiating your salons and making you both marketable and attractive in your own ways. Researching your competitors before deciding on an aesthetic allows you to eliminate style choices that hinder your competitiveness on the market.

Think About Long-Term Relevancy

2015 was the year for farmhouse chic as Joanna Gaines and her HGTV design show rose in popularity. Boho was popular in the ‘70s. Minimalism shot to fame twice, once right after WWII and again in the early 2000s.

Aesthetics rise and fall with trends. Some become timeless, while others quickly disappear once their era ends. If you want your salon to remain relevant over the years, consider choosing an aesthetic that will outlast trends. Avoid those that seem like part-time hype and opt for ones that give you a timeless appeal.

Since every choice matters and influences multiple aspects of your business, it’s important to take the time and care to consider what aesthetic is best for you. Keep this ultimate guide to choosing your salon aesthetic in mind when opening or updating your salon to ensure you curate a studio space that matches your needs.

Once you’ve decided on your look, shop with a salon equipment supplier that offers something for everyone. Keller International sells items that match the sleek style of a modern aesthetic, natural wooden textures for a boho-inspired space, and marble countertops for fancier salons. Explore our online inventory and style your salon to match your dream aesthetic.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Salon Aesthetic


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