Tips for Designing Your Salon Waiting Area

Tips for Designing Your Salon Waiting Area

Every aspect of your salon plays an important role in your business. The back rooms affect your storage. The main floor defines your work conditions. Your reception space influences your new and returning clients. Your salon’s waiting area is the first component of your business clients engage with. Maximizing your salon’s front-of-house enhances your clients’ experiences and impressions. For an enjoyable and beneficial reception space, check out our top tips for designing your salon waiting area.

Define Your Salon’s Style

Your salon’s reception space should reflect your business, from its style to its services. Defining your salon’s style in the waiting area gives clients a sneak peek of what’s to come. After all, the reception area is the face of your business—it’s what clients see and engage with first.

If your salon is homey and down-to-earth, reflect that in your waiting area with cozy rustic décor and natural design elements. Is your salon sleek and glamorous? Choose luxury furnishing and lavish accents like gold fixtures and classical artwork. Define your salon’s style and essence in your waiting room to attract your target clients with a preview of your services.

Provide Entertainment

Visitors either spend very little or a lot of time in your waiting area, depending on your appointment system and their arrival time. Any accompanying guests spend all of their time in the reception area. No matter the wait time, very few people like to sit and do nothing.

Providing entertainment in your reception keeps clients and guests occupied and comfortable. Entertaining clients before their appointment also ensures they come to the stylist’s chair in a pleasant mood, starting their experience on a good note. You can provide waiting room entertainment in many forms, including TVs, Wi-Fi access, and reading materials.

Pro Tip

Comfortable seating options play an essential part in keeping guests waiting happy and cozy. Offering comfy seatings also signifies to your clients that you care about them and their experience from start to finish.

Create an Inviting Atmosphere

Waiting rooms occupy your salon’s entrance. As the front of the house, arriving clients and passersby see your reception area when looking through the windows. Creating an inviting and enticing atmosphere in your waiting room attracts potential clients. People want to take part in pleasant experiences!

An open and aesthetically appealing reception desk should greet your guests. At Keller International, we offer a diverse selection of reception desks for beauty salons varying in style, size, and function. With our desks, you can welcome clients in the best ways as they check in or cash out. Adding aromatherapy, warm lighting, and ambient décor further enhances your waiting room’s atmosphere so that it warmly greets clients.

These three tips for designing your salon waiting area give your business an entrance space that generates positive first impressions, appeases waiting clients, and entices onlookers. By upgrading your salon’s reception, you can reshape how people view and interact with your salon before indulging in your services.


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