Tips for Maintaining Your All-Purpose Salon Chairs

Tips for Maintaining Your All-Purpose Salon Chairs

The state of your salon equipment through the years affects the longevity of your services. When your equipment starts to break down and lose its visual appeal, the quality of services also begins to decline. Sustain your business’s success with these four tips for maintaining your all-purpose salon chairs. This way, you can maintain quality services no matter how much time passes.

Gently Wipe Down Surfaces

Regularly cleaning your chair between clients maintains the cleanliness and hygiene of your salon. Minimizing residue and dirt buildup also preserves your chair’s quality.

However, cleaning your chair can add lots of stress to the chair’s material surface, especially if you use harsh scrubs and strong chemicals. The best way to preserve your chair and keep it clean is by using a soft cloth and gently wiping the surfaces with soap and water. The less abrasion (whether chemical or physical), the better.

Use a Chair Cover

Between constant contact with clients, hair product residue, and collected hair trimmings, the surface of your salon chairs encounters lots of different exposures that lead to expedited wear and tear. Minimizing any additional stress on the chair keeps it intact for longer.

Along with practicing gentle cleaning methods and investing in better-quality equipment, using a chair cover maintains the quality of your salon chair for longer. The cover generates a barrier between external exposures and the surface of your chair, taking the brunt of forces and preventing wear and tear. Using a cover protects your chair from constant friction from sitting clients, stains, and tears.

Oil Up Moving Parts

One of the many benefits of an all-purpose salon chair is its mobility flexibility. They can recline, twist, and rise, giving you an adjustable and customizable workstation. Oiling your chair’s joints and moving parts ensures you get to enjoy the best features of the chair for longer.

Over time, gunk builds up between the moving components, and their materials—usually metals—wear down. The clogged and worn mechanics hinder the chair’s ability to move, often leading to annoying squeaks and operation malfunctions. Like a bicycle wheel, your salon chair requires regular greasing to keep the mechanics friction free and operating as intended.

Regularly Inspect Components

Regularly inspecting your chair allows you to keep tabs on the quality of your chair and immediately act on any issues before they get worse. Catching a small tear before it turns into a huge gash saves you lots of money on repairs, is easier to fix, and reduces your chances of needing to buy replacements. Regular inspections allow you to implement prevention protection.

Inspecting your chair also keeps your clients and staff safe. Every day, your salon chair carries lots of weight and does a lot of moving. The constant strain of applied weight and movement can loosen screws and components. If bolts get free, your chair can collapse on you at any moment. Regularly inspecting your chairs reminds you to periodically retighten screws and keep everything in check.

Implement these tips for maintaining your all-purpose salon chairs and keep your salon business operating at its best over the years. Guarantee even more long-term success by investing in quality all-purpose salon chairs from Keller. Better-quality equipment means more durability and longevity, guaranteeing quality throughout the years—especially when paired with proper maintenance practices.


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