Top Hair Color Trends We’re Loving for Summer 2024

Top Hair Color Trends We’re Loving for Summer 2024

Summer’s inherent sense of freedom and adventure inspires many people to switch up their hairstyles. The abundant sunshine also makes hair glimmer and gleam like never before, making summer a great time to rock a fresh color. Get your hair salon ready for the summer rush by checking out some of the top hair color trends we’re loving for summer 2024. Help your clients start their summer fun with a trendy new hair color.

Money Pieces

For those customers who are looking for a small but noticeable hair change, money pieces are the hair trend for them. Just as their name alludes, money pieces put your clients’ money right where they can see and appreciate it the most! It’s like getting the most bang for your buck but with hair.

Money pieces add a pop of color around the face, framing it with lighter or bolder shades than the rest of the hair. It’s a fantastic way to brighten up a look without committing to a full-head color. Money pieces are perfect for sun-kissed selfies and fun dimensions.

Cherry-Cola Hair

Are your clients craving something deep, rich, and downright delicious? Cherry-cola hair is making a splash! This hair trend combines deep reds and browns, creating a hue as refreshing as many people’s favorite summer fizzy drink.

Cherry cola is a color that looks vibrant in both sunlight and shade—ideal for those who want to add warmth and depth to their locks. With cherry-cola hair, your clients will have a summer to remember.

Pro Tip

Working with vibrant-colored dyes increases the risks of stains and messes in your salon. Investing in durable hair salon chairs from Keller International guarantees easier clean-ups with minimal wear and tear—the perfect workstation for vibrant hair coloring.

Scandi Hairlines

Scandi hairlines are all about achieving an effortless, natural, sun-lightened effect. There’s no better time to enjoy a sun-kissed look than in summer.

The Scandi hairline trend, inspired by the Scandinavian love for minimalism and natural beauty, highlights the hairline. It gives off a “just returned from a summer holiday” vibe all season long.

Latte Balayage

Balayages are back in popularity but with a twist. For those who prefer color transitions as smooth as their favorite morning coffee, latte balayages are a go-to. Latte balayages are a sophisticated choice that adds dimension and richness to hair, making it a versatile style that pairs well with any outfit or occasion.

Picture the creamy blend of espresso and milk—this hair trend employs a similar approach, mixing darker roots with gradually lighter ends. Latte balayages mimic the natural highlights the sun gifts us during these longer, lazier summer days. As your clients’ hair lightens naturally with more exposure to sunlight, their latte balayage blends effortlessly with the natural progression of their hair color.

Soft Mushroom

Soft mushroom hair brings a cooler, earthy tone into the mix. This trend is perfect for those looking to tone down the warmth in their hair with a more muted, ashy look. Reminiscent of the soft, understated colors of mushrooms, a soft mushroom hue works beautifully on many skin tones, offering a modern and elegant aesthetic that’s both unique and understated.

Bronzed Strawberry Blonde

Coppery hair is infamous for being a hair color no-no. However, when blended with a golden glow and strawberry undertones, a coppery look becomes a summer hair must-have.

A bronzed strawberry blonde is like the golden glow of a sunset combined with the juicy freshness of strawberries. This hair trend offers a delightful blend of blonde with warm red and bronze tones—a stunning choice for adding a sunlit shimmer to hair, making it sparkle with every turn. Bronzed strawberry blonde is an exquisite way to make a statement while keeping things sweet and sunny.

Glossy Black

Black hair makes a powerful, sleek, and bold statement, especially when many go lighter in summer. Glossy black hair is a trend all about embracing the deepest shade of black and achieving a uniform, glossy finish that reflects light beautifully. It’s a timeless choice, transforming hair into a velvety canvas of night-sky allure. Whether styled straight or with curls, a glossy midnight black adds an element of drama and intensity to the look.

Smoky Hues

Smoky hues—a trend that combines cool, smoky undertones with natural hair colors—create an enigmatic allure. It’s all about creating soft, subtle depth with a hint of cool tones, like the mysterious blend of smoke and mist translated into hair color. Smoky hues work beautifully on light and dark hair, offering a versatile option for those wanting to add a touch of mystery without a drastic change.

Bambi Blonde

Bambi blonde is a fairy tale hair color that has come to life! This summer blonde gains inspiration from the innocent and naturally beautiful woodland creature, Bambi—it captures a pure, sun-dappled glow.

Bambi blonde blends a light shade of blonde with a hint of warmth, achieving a golden, ethereal look. It’s like the summer sun kissed your locks with gentle luminescence. Bambi blonde’s universal appeal brings a fresh, youthful radiance to all complexions, highlighting features subtly.

Vanilla Chai Highlights

Vanilla chai highlights are as cozy and inviting as your favorite mug of chai. These highlights are subtle yet impactful, creating a multidimensional look that’s both sophisticated and playful. The blend of soft vanilla and subtle chai tones makes for a comforting yet chic color choice that complements many people.

Vanilla chai highlights gently introduce color into hair without going too bold. These highlights can catch the light beautifully, adding a silky, luminous quality to hair. It’s the ultimate choice for anyone craving a hint of summer warmth with a dash of spice.

Summer 2024 will be a vibrant, refreshing, and warm season of hair color trends that appeal to a wide range of personal styles. With the right salon equipment, you can offer your clients a comfortable experience as they wait for their dyes to settle, and your salon can enjoy easy clean-ups. Get ready for the summer rush with Keller International, and help your clients enjoy these summery hair trends.

Top Hair Color Trends We’re Loving for Summer 2024


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