Trendy Rose Gold Salon Equipment

Trendy Rose Gold Salon Equipment

Whether you’re looking for upgraded and sleek barber chairs, nail salon furniture, or general salon equipment, you can never go wrong with rose gold in your color scheme.

Rose gold is a blend of yellow gold, copper, and silver. When these three elements are mixed together, they produce a gorgeous new metal that has a pinkish hue and radiates beauty.

The beauty industry is absolutely loving rose gold everything right now – and so are we! That’s why we are bringing you this list of our favorite rose gold items for your salon, spa, or barbershop. Because no matter who your clientele is, they’re sure to be impressed by your additional of regal rose gold throughout your space.

1. Rose Gold LED Mirror

Rose Gold Mirror

Ring lights are a great way to illuminate the face without creating shadows. This rose gold LED mirror has a ring light built in to give your clients a stunning vision of themselves.

 2. Rose Gold Picture Frames

Use rose gold picture frames to hold photos of your salon’s work, information about your hours and policies, and more. These little touches throughout the salon will really brighten it up.

 3. Rose Gold Shears and Clippers

Your stylists can bring a touch of rose gold to every snip with rose gold shears and clippers. There are many options available to suit the style and function you’re looking for, but they all have one thing in common: they look incredible.

 4. Rose Gold Salon Chairs

Rose Gold Salon Chair

Your chairs are the centerpiece of your salon. If you’re going for a rose gold look, you must have salon chairs with rose gold accents. The Manhattan Rose Gold Salon Chair comes in three colors (black, aqua, and pink) and features rose gold arms, base, and foot rest.

 5. Rose Gold Barber Chairs

Knockout Rose Gold Salon Chair

Your clients will be impressed when they enter your barbershop and sit in the Knockout Rose Gold Barber Chair. The style is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary, which is exactly what the barber industry encapsulates. Your clients will rush to tell their friends about the incredible experience they had at your salon and the incredible attention to detail.

 6. Rose Gold Salon Station

Rose Gold Salon Station

Your salon station is very important – it holds all of your tools, accessories, and personal items. Although it’s a very functional piece of furniture it still needs to enhance the overall aesthetic of your salon. The Nova Salon Station in rose gold will act as the main hub for your station and WOW each client that sits in your chair.

Final Thoughts

The way you craft your salon’s aesthetic is equally as important as the work that you do. Your clients want to be in a comfortable, luxurious environment and most people are willing to pay more for an enhanced experience. Invest in your business by adding rose gold furniture and accessories to your salon, barbershop, or spa.

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Rose Gold Salon Equipment


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