What Are All-Purpose Salon Chairs Used For?

What Are All-Purpose Salon Chairs Used For?

All-purpose salon chairs are an incredible addition to any salon or barbershop. They provide beautiful, luxurious seating for your clients. In many ways, they also make your staff’s jobs much easier and more efficient. But what exactly are all-purpose salon chairs used for? Uncover the answer to that question in this brief guide.

Shampooing Stations

For those unaware, all-purpose salon chairs are the chairs you typically see at stylists’ vanities when you walk into a salon or barbershop. They’re plushy, reclinable, and—depending on where you purchase them—they can come in various colors and styles. It goes without saying that they’re great to have at each styling station.

But that isn’t the only purpose these salon chairs can serve. They’re also wonderful to have at shampooing and washing stations. Their ability to recline ensures the perfect shampoo, condition, and hair masking treatments. Plus, their plushness will keep your clientele comfortable throughout their time with your stylists.

Hooded-Blow Dryer Seating, Waxing, and Shaving

All-purpose salon chairs are also wonderful for salons or barbershops that utilize hooded hair dryers that don’t come with a built-in seat. Much like they do for shampooing stations, using all-purpose chairs under your hooded hair dryers can ensure client comfort. If hooded hair dryer seating isn’t an issue, you can also use all-purpose salon chairs for waxing and shaving.

Stylists can lift and recline salon chairs to ensure the best view of their clients. With an excellent view of their face, stylists can provide precise eyebrow or face waxes to their clients. The same is true for shaving. If you ask us, you’d be hard-pressed to find another piece of equipment as versatile as a high-quality all-purpose salon chair.

Cut, Dye, and Style Seating

Of course, you can also use your all-purpose salon chairs to provide classic and convenient seating for every style station in your establishment. With their reclining and lifting features, your all-purpose chairs will allow stylists to achieve the perfect view and angles as they cut, dye, and style clients’ hair.

In short, all-purpose salon chairs have many uses and are an excellent feature to have in your salon. Traditionally, they’re wonderful to have at your styling stations. But they can also be valuable for shampooing, conditioning, and mask treatments at your wash stations.

Chairs like this are also great for seatless hooded hair dryers, waxing, and shaving. If you’re in the market for some high-quality salon chairs, contact Keller International. We’ll happily answer your questions and set you up with the best salon chairs for your establishment.


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