What Furniture Do You Need for a Home Salon?

What Furniture Do You Need for a Home Salon?

Home salons offer many benefits, from no commute to work autonomy. Not to mention that you get to work in the comfort of a familiar and cozy space. When running a business from your home, equipping your work area with professional equipment is crucial for success. Kitchen sinks and wooden dining chairs aren’t quite what paying customers want to see when they walk in your door. Explore what essential furniture you need for a home salon and turn a portion of your house into a successful business establishment.

Shampoo and Hair Washing Stations

Shampoo stations are a cornerstone feature in any salon setup, home salons included. These stations are the key to offering a full-service experience, allowing you to provide a wide variety of hair treatments and services. A proper shampoo station fitted with a deep sink, quality spray nozzle, and comfortable reclining chair ensures your clients get a comfortable and enjoyable hair-washing experience. Your clients will appreciate not having to bend over your kitchen sink or bathtub.

Styling Chairs

Cutting and styling hair on a dining room chair really gives off that home haircut vibe and hearkens back to childhood days with mom or dad as barber! But perhaps this is not one experience you want to replicate. Investing in a styling chair can elevate your home salon services. A proper salon or barber chair exudes professionalism and guarantees better styling performance as you can adjust the chair and client into better positions. Professional styling chairs also provide maximum comfort, allowing your clients to sit comfortably for long periods.

Salon and Barber Stations

The heart of any salon lies in the salon and barber stations—where the magic happens. These stations serve as the primary workspace for hairstylists and barbers, providing a designated area where all essential tools and equipment are within arm’s reach. With easy access and storage to styling necessities, from hairspray to hairdryers, you can streamline the styling process, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Storage Units

Last but not least, an efficient salon needs ample storage. Most homes are designed with minimal storage solutions, providing limited space to house any bits and bobs. Salon trolleys, cabinets, and product display shelves provide you with numerous additional spaces to store your salon essentials without infringing on your personal space and kicking out your personal items.

They also help maintain an organized workspace by providing a designated area for tools and products, preventing them from cluttering the salon area. This not only contributes to keeping the salon tidy but also enhances productivity allowing you to quickly and easily locate the tools and products you need.

Every aspect of your home salon matters, from your styling skill to your equipment. The furniture you offer your clientele influences multiple aspects of their experiences, affecting service quality, comfort, and overall satisfaction. Transform your home salon from a DIY home project to a successful place of business with essential salon furniture every home salon needs. Check out Keller International’s selection of salon and barbering furniture and find all that you need in one convenient place.


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