What Styles and Treatments Are Hooded Dryers Good For?

What Styles and Treatments Are Hooded Dryers Good For?

Hooded dryers are must-haves in any salon. They evenly distribute heat, set styles in place, and deepen treatments. Discover what styles and treatments hooded dryers are good for, and get ready to expand your salon services with this essential equipment!

Perfecting the Art of Roller Sets

One of the most traditional uses of a hooded hair dryer lies in setting those gorgeous, bouncy curls. Whether clients want tight ringlets or soft, wavy locks, a hooded dryer provides an even and consistent heat distribution for long-lasting and vibrant curls. The dryer’s gentle drying process also maintains moisture balance and prevents the hair from becoming frizzy or damaged.

Deep Conditioning Like a Pro

Hooded dryers paired with deep conditioners are game-changers for combating dryness and damage. The heat from the dryer lifts the hair’s cuticle, allowing conditioners and treatments to penetrate deeply into the hair shaft. This method maximizes the benefits of deep condition treatments, resulting in softer, shinier, and healthier hair!

Keller International hooded hair dryers come with thermostats and heat adjustments, allowing you to achieve the perfect temperature for your clients’ varying hair types. You can go hotter for thicker hair and cooler for fine strands.

Mastering the Silk Press

Incorporating a hooded dryer for silk presses can elevate your services, leaving your clients with sleek locks. Start with a thorough blow-dry and heat protection. Then, section and wrap the hair before gently drying it under the hood. This process achieves ultra-smooth textures and lustrous shine while minimizing heat damage and maintaining the hair’s health.

Enhancing Natural Textures

Natural hair can benefit from the gentle drying process of a hooded dryer. You can do “pineappling” or “plopping” for your clients, defining their curls and reducing frizz without the harshness of direct heat. Hooded dryers can elevate natural hair with even heat distribution and minimal damage.

Locking in Color Treatments

Lock in color with hooded hair dryers. The dryer’s heat opens up the hair cuticle, allowing color treatments to penetrate effectively. Hooded dryers lock in dyes, making the color more vibrant and long-lasting. It also adds gloss and shine!

Hooded dryers are good for an array of hair treatments and styles. They maximize results and leave clients’ hair healthy and smooth. Broaden and elevate your salon services with a hooded hair dryer from Keller International!


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