What To Consider When Adding New Services to Your Salon

What To Consider When Adding New Services to Your Salon

Expanding your salon’s selection of services offers your clients more options. It also broadens your business’s population reach, attracting new customers. Whether you are implementing coloring jobs, different perms, or more types of hair-washing experiences, here are some things to consider when adding new services to your salon.

What’s the Demand Level?

Supply and demand set the groundwork for a business. Without one or the other, no transactions take place. Before adding your new service, consider the demand for it and how well it will sell. Is it trending anywhere? Are people requesting it? Do people know about it, or is this a fairly new concept?

Check out salon trends on social media and see if people respond well to your future services. Before balayage became the new normal at salons, it began as a hair trend on Pinterest and Instagram. Similarly, during the height of Tumblr’s popularity, colored hair occupied many feeds, influencing a sudden rise in coloring requests.

Are These Long-Term or Short-Term Additions?

Trends come and go. Their fluidity and quick-to-change nature derive from a variety of reasons, including pop culture, social media influence, and seasonality. Are you adding a new service for the sake of seasonal trends, or do you want to broaden your business’s offerings? Knowing how long your latest addition will last affects budgets, equipment rental vs. purchases, marketing, employee training vs. new hires, and special deals and promotions.

Are There Specialization Requirements?

Certain services like cutting bangs, bleaching, and color correcting require a specific level of skill. The more complex the task, the higher the expertise demanded. If your new service comes with specialization requirements, you’ll need to reevaluate roles, fill a new job spot, and possibly add training sessions to your schedule. Making sure you assign a professional to your new service ensures the success and increase of its demand in the future.

Do the Services Require New Equipment?

Along with expert specialization, most salon services require specific equipment and tools. Coloring and general hair washing services need salon shampoo bowls in order to complete the process. Similarly, bleaching requires bleach, hair straightening requires certain hair tools, and trims need various cutting methods and mechanics. If your new service includes other additions, like new equipment, other aspects of consideration are called into question. These decisions affect budgets, space, and transportation.

Adding a new service to your salon requires you to make many different considerations. You must think about demand, commitment options, speciality requirements, and other potential changes. Before putting the new addition in motion, make sure you know exactly what you are signing up for.


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