What To Consider When Buying Salon Stations

What To Consider When Buying Salon Stations

Salon stations are a must-have in any beauty salon because they give you a space to care for your clients. A key part of enhancing your salon is purchasing furniture that will improve the look of your business and keep your customers comfortable. Read below to learn what to consider when buying salon stations.

Price of Equipment

The first area you need to inspect is the price, as it allows you to set a budget based on what you can afford. Deciding how much you want to spend also helps narrow your scope when searching for salon stations. Doing otherwise will leave you sifting through countless stations, some of which you don’t have the budget for.


In the beauty business, style matters, so you should shop for furniture that aligns with your brand. Does your salon target families, or is it a place that keeps on top of the trends? Both call for different styles. For instance, if you brand yourself as a stylish salon with all the must-know information on the latest hair trends, strive for modern and bold furniture.

How does this relate to styling stations? Your station is a major piece of furniture in the salon, and it should align with everything else. For a modern look, strive to buy a station with monochromatic colors, and look for something bold, like a glitzy pink chair.

Level of Comfort

A salon station may look perfect, but it’s not worth the money if it isn't comfortable. A flashy salon may attract customers, but comfortable furniture helps maintain your client base. If you shop online for salon stations and chairs, read through customer reviews and note what other salon owners say about your options.

If the chair is visually perfect and most people agree it is comfy, it may be time to add it to your cart. Before we get to that step, there's one final thing to consider when buying salon stations.

Size of Equipment 

A piece may fit your budget, align with your style, and have top ratings, but you need to know its size. As you look at products, review the “product description” to see the dimensions. Then, decide whether it will easily fit into your salon.

When purchasing several styling stations, measure each size compared to your salon’s available space, with ample space between stations. There needs to be enough room for your stylists to move around the client chair while easily cutting hair.

Shop at Keller

Keller offers quality stylist stations for sale in various styles that we price economically. We offer a superior value for salon equipment that’s perfect for your business. Take your salon to the next level to keep clients rolling in.


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